Metacrafters: educating and onboarding the next 1,000,000 web3 developers.

Mission Statement

Proof of Learn is a Web3 education platform where students can Learn & Earn: earn rewards while learning, mentoring others, and upskilling towards a new career. Our users will learn within a community of students and mentors, and their skills will be verified with Proof of Learn NFTs written to the blockchain within view of potential employers.
Our premier project is Metacrafters. It’s an immersive gaming experience that brings the history and lore of blockchain to life while it teaches developers to code on the blockchain. As developers learn, they earn crypto rewards and in-demand web3 skills. Our vision: Anyone with an internet connection and a passion for gaming can learn to become a smart contract developer and earn an income along the way.


Our product is in alpha. This document is a working draft and subject to change.
Last modified 1yr ago